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Biography of Elite FX Signals

Founder and Chief Group Executive of Elite FX started his entrepreneurial life at a young age. Our philosophy of ‘Providing Personalised Solutions’ has always been the core principle of all his business dealings. Elite FX Signals realises that although two completely different individuals who may both harbour the same business and investment ideas will fall pray to an outcome of success or failure based upon its execution.

With this in mind, a couple of years ago, our working life came to a deliberate halt when we decided that ‘Investment’ was the way forward. Work smart not hard !

The Elite FX founder plunged into the world of Forex and followed many different mentors with different coaching abilities quickly realising that no two students absorbed information the same way or traded the same. You are a unique individual in your own right so why would you imitate someone when you could achieve success and still be you?

Ricky commenced his venture by creating the Elite FX brand, who now also own and operate the Elite FX Training Academy and Elite FX Robot Trader. To think all this started with a small investment amount, perseverance and determination which quickly became second nature until the investment both in his knowledge and monetary value grew exponentially.

Yannis - Forex Trader, Educator and Coding Expert.

Hello, my name is Yannis Sfairopoulos, I was born in Greece, but grew up and studied in France.

I am a pationate self-employed software engineer, and IT manager for a Greek high-tech company, and I have also been teaching Computer Science for many years in Colleges in Greece. About 20 years ago, a friend of mine guided me and mentored me through the maze, but amazing world of Currency trading, and for me, it was love at first sight.

Trading became a passion and a vision because it combines for me the best of 2 beloved worlds, applying algorithms to create automated and semi-automated trading systems and tools for traders, and teaching and guiding new traders, giving them the knowledge and the resources to become successfull in this unforgiving yet highly attractive and lucrative market.

Here at EFX, not only do we share the same passion for trading, but we also share the same ethics and high standards which make professionals stand out of the crowd. This is why working with EFX was an easy choice for me, and I can only welcome you to join an amazing community which I am sure will be your second family.

Why does Elite FX Signals want to help you?

Simple, everybody can be successful but not everyone has access to resources that are both affordable and personalized to them.

So what does Elite FX offers?

Elite FX Signals offers his expertise to individuals all around the world in any language. There are no barriers with Elite FX ! At Elite FX we make things happen.

About our students

The first thing you should know is that Elite FX only accept student ! We want to help individuals who are interested and motivated enough to take control of their life and finances.

Follow our personalised plan and execute our instructions to the letter and we are confident that you will find your own niche !

At Elite FX Signals we have high success ratio. But why believe us ? Take a look at what our students are saying.​

”Financial freedom is a common goal everyone aspires to achieve, at 20 years of age, no mortgage, no kids and no real commitment, I think it’s time to drop everything and say yes for once! Nothing came easy to anyone with money or without a gamble, no better time than the present!” – Ed Saunders​

Still not sure? Trade our signals on a demo account and let us find a personal trade plan that suits you.

For further information or to discuss investment options, please contact us.​

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